What motivates you to think in a creative manner? Do you find ways to be truly creative at the right moment and produce such a good content that brings achievement of all objectives – primarily business ones? Are you able to measure it?

You will get answers to these questions at the Content Experience Conference – experts in content and digital marketing from all over the world will tell you good stories. 

Many of you will say that your job is to sell products, rather than create content. Is it really the case?

Show how open you are to learn what is new in the world of mobile marketing and how it is related to content. Check how well you target and whether you know what programmatic is.

Top global experts will also explain how to perfectly combine communication and interaction with your target group through content and digital marketing.

Content Experience will present you with the world of influencer marketing – how important it is and how it is developed, how to achieve and manage cooperation with influencers and how to connect companies, agencies and influencers. 

The lecturers will also present new findings about the importance of mastering analytics and usage of data on a specific target group and relating them to creative solutions – how to combine all that and create a really good experience for those you target.